Optimized spare parts supply and QA processes with industrial 3D printing

Task and challenge

Mechanical engineeringComponent qualification using 3D technology as a spare part

At our customer from the mechanical engineering industry, some of the required components had already been in use at the end customer for several decades. The result was that the spare parts were no longer available or only in small quantities. In addition, the parts data were available only as 2D drawings. Methods, processes and feasibility studies for metal 3D-printed parts were required to ensure the spare parts supply. The specific project targets were:

  • Simplifying the spare parts supply
  • Developing approval processes (QA) for 3D-printed spare parts
  • Reviewing the general conditions for digitalization of warehouse and requirement planning
Optimization in numbers


optimized spare part supply


To implement the project, an analysis of the process planning of 3D printed spare parts up to serial production was carried out. In addition, a component concept was developed and implemented and prototype tests were conducted.

  • Selection of sample components and digitization
  • Design of the approval process and QA based on the experience from other industries
  • Part production (3D printing)
  • Examination of the parts according to the predefined approval process
  • System trials and functional testing by the customer
  • Evaluation / recommendation of the next steps for setting up virtual storage


  • Digitization, 3D printing, post-processing and succesful testing of first parts
  • Development of a standard QA process with experiences from the automotive and medical industry
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