Cheaper components thanks to additive serial production

Task and challenge

CustomerIndustryProductUsed material
SBM GmbHMechanical engineering/ energy technologyInjection nozzleNickel-alloy (In718)

3D printing enabled the re-design and serial production of the injection nozzles, which were originally very complex, made of cast iron and consisted of several individual parts.

Optimization in numbers


lower costs


  • Redesign of the injection nozzle using Additive Manufacturing with a focus on the
    • integration of functions
    • integration of several components
    • production-oriented design
  • Testing of the injection nozzle in the application at SBM
  • Series approval from SBM
  • Serial production of the injection nozzles


  • Substitution of the manufacturing process from casting to 3D printing
  • Cost reduction of the components by 10 %
  • Quality assured serial production of 70 injection nozzles on one building platform using a nickel-alloy (In718)

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