Significant cost savings thanks to component design optimized for 3D printing and function integration

Task and challenge

CustomerIndustryProductUsed material
Grindaix GmbHMechanical engineering
Coolant lubricant nozzleStainless steel (1.4404)

The tight space between component and tool presents the greatest challenge for coolant lubricant nozzles in internal cylindrical grinding. Nozzles manufactured with conventional processes often cannot meet the requirements. The cutting fluid is therefore usually injected from the outside. This, however, significantly slows down the internal cylindrical grinding process. It also results in longer cycle times, reduced productivity and high reject rates due to thermal damage on the component. The objective was to substantially optimize this solution using Additive Manufacturing and to produce highly efficient, customized nozzles with precision fit. The design freedom offered by 3D printing allows the realization of such an innovative product.

Optimization in numbers


cost saving


weight saving


  • Optimization of the Grindaix design according to the specific requirements of Additive Engineering
  • Production-oriented design of the cooling lubricant nozzle
  • Prototype production for time and cost efficient function tests


  • 25 % weight saving
  • 51 % cost saving
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