Bionic Design & Engineering for a better fit and integrated functions

Task and challenge

IndustryProductUsed material
AviationExoskeleton for a breathing maskTitanium alloy (TiAl6V4)

The Customer was working on the re-design of the personnel protective equipment for helicopter crews, as the handling of individual components in flight had proven to be cumbersome and time consuming. To avoid losing time in emergencies, the objective was to improve the handling (putting on and using) of the oxygen mask as well as the fit with respect to the fastening points and gas tightness.

Optimization in numbers


higher fit factor


  • Planning and realization of a creative workshop to develop possible solutions
  • Development and design of an exoskeleton using the bionic structure of banana leaves
  • Implementation of ligtweight construction and an individual fit using 3D printing
  • Process development for the reliable Additive Manufacturing of the component with distortion risk
  • Implementation of functional prototypes
Aus Titan 3D-gedrucktes Exoskelett für eine Atemschutzmaske


  • Lightweight construction and high rigidy of the exoskeleton by using of bionic design principles
  • Increased safety thanks to easier handling and 50 % higher fit factor
  • Integrated functions such as a microphone holder directly in 3D printing
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