Cost savings with titanium 3D printing

Task and challenge

CustomerIndustryProductUsed material
Racing Team of Stuttgart UniversityMotorsports/ AutomotiveFlexure jointsTitanium alloy (TiAI6V4)

The objective was to manufacture the designed suspension from titanium using an additive process. The component therefore had to be optimized for 3D printing and the titanium material.

Optimization in numbers


performance increase


cost reduction


weight saving

11 to 1

component reduction


In addition to a flow-neutral suspension arm, the production-ready design and titanium 3D printing resulted in a weight saving of 48 % and a 33 % improvement in performance due to the incident flow to the side boxes.


  • Flow-neutral wishbone
  • 47 % cost reduction
  • 15 % weight reduction
  • 33 % better incident flow to the side boxes
  • Reduction from 11 to 1 component

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