Use Cases

Automotive – Brake Caliper

Design improvements – for example in the support design – for the first brake caliper prototype resulted in a substantial weight reduction.

Aviation – Exoskeleton

3D printing made it possible to integrate bionic design into the new development of the exoskeleton, achieving a significant improvement of the fit factor.

Aviation – Fan housing

The re-design of the fan housing enabled the use of significant potential of lightweight construction, while titanium as a material achieved a high level of rigidity.

Mechanical engineering – Injection Nozzles

3D printing enabled the re-design and series production of the injection nozzles, which were originally very complex, made of cast iron and consisted of several individual parts.

Mechanical Engineering – Optimized Spare Part Supply

To ensure spare parts supply, an analysis was carried out on process planning up to production readiness. In addition, a component concept was developed and implemented.

Mechanical engineering – Coolant Lubricant Nozzle

The use of Additive Manufacturing allows the production of customized coolant lubricant nozzles. Cost and weight savings were achieved with a production-ready design.

Automotive – Flexure Joints

The wheel suspension was optimized for 3D printing and the material titanium. This resulted in better incoming flow as well as weight and cost savings.

Energy – Deep-Sea Sensor Mounting

The prototype of the deep-sea sensor mounting was analyzed, evaluated and adapted to the printing process. This resulted in lower costs and shorter delivery times.

Mechanical engineering – Coolant Nozzle

With the re-design for 3D printing, the coolant nozzle is now manufactured in a single process, which also minimizes installation work.

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