Additive Serienfertigung von Einspritzdüsen

Success story injection nozzle

Success story injection nozzle

3D printing offers machine builders freedom of design in the component construction. This allows the design of more efficient parts that are manufactured in a cost and resource efficient manner. This applies to the injection nozzles Bionic Production manufactured for the SBM Maschinen GmbH. The components consisted of several individual parts, had a very complex structure and were made of cast iron.

The engineers redesigned the injection nozzle and focused in the engineering process on:

– the integration of functions,

– the integration of several components as well as a

– a production-oriented design

After successfully testing the components in the application, SBM granted the serial production.

Due to the substitution of the manufacturing process from casting to 3D printing, 70 injection nozzles are now assembled on a building platform for a quality assured production. Overall, the costs for the components were reduced by 10 %. Bionic Production accompanied the Bavarian machine builder on the way from the prototype to additive serial production. At present, around 1,500 nozzles are produced annually.


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