Additive Fertigung von Kühlmitteldüsen / Additive Manufacturing of cooling lubricant nozzles

Success story coolant lubricant nozzle

Successful engineering of a coolant lubricant nozzle for 3D printing
Function integration despite limited space

Additive Manufacturing is a disruptive technology, that enables the production of precise fitting, high-efficient and individual components. The nozzle project we’ve started in 2017 with Grindaix GmbH and TRUMPF shows the possibilities of 3d printing.

The biggest challenge in internal diameter cylindrical grinding lies in the limited space between the part and the tool for the coolant nozzle. Therefore, the lubricoolant required for the grinding is usually injected from the outside. For this purpose the Graindax experts were looking for optimization options in the 3D design of the nozzle.

We took the specifications provided by Graindaix and TRUMPF for the nozzle and created the perfect model in a step-by-step process. Prototype production allowed the team to implement every possible optimization within a reasonable timeframe and budget.

This resulted in a significant cost reduction of 51 % as well as a weight reduction of 25 %.

Follow this link for the full article on this success project.

3D printing allows engineers completely new ways in the design of products. One of the strengths is the function integration. However, this means to leave the beaten path and requires a shift in thinking. Bionic Production helps with that!

If you are looking to improve your knowledge in Additive Manufacturing, need help in the engineering process or are looking for a reliable partner in 3D printing your parts – contact us!

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