Additive Mentoring

Your profitable and efficient entry into Additive Manufacturing

What are the potentials for Additive Manufacturing in my company? When is 3D printing worthwhile using? Which additive technology is right for me and how do I integrate it into existing processes?

If you want to use 3D printing profitably in the long term, you have to employ “additive thinking” from the outset. Product and supply chains can only be digitised and transformed with a comprehensive, possibly disruptive approach. In addition to technical factors, economic and organizational aspects also have to be taken into account. As an expert at all value levels of Additive Manufacturing and with our affiliation with Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), we can work with you to open up the optimization potentials of Additive Manufacturing, creating an agile and efficient future.

Our services

  • Identification of value-adding areas of application for Additive Manufacturing
  • Fast accumulation of know-how in your company
  • Design of customized business models
  • Determination of the best 3D printing real-net output ratio
  • Derivation of the integration and introduction process
  • Development of a quality-assured external or internal production

Our approach

To generate the best solution for your application, we work with our “mentoring cycle”. We use this customized, proven process to develop your individual 3D printing strategy.

Mentoring Cycle for an Additive Manufacturing Consulting approach

We have already successfully identified components for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and introduced an “order on demand” process. Learn more about the project here.

Advantages of 3D printing for your added value

Increased profitability

Efficiency for functions and resources

Time and cost efficiency

Maximum component integration

Certified quality

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