Use the profitable advantages of bionics and industrial 3D printing

We can help you to successfully introduce and use Additive Manufacturing at your company. We work together with you in using nature’s power of innovation to create future-proof products and solutions to improve your added value in the long term. As a partner who is not tied to any specific technologies or manufacturers, we develop customized solutions for your application. Use our expert knowledge on the cost drivers in 3D metal and plastic printing – for your success!

Our consulting services
Mit tiefgreifendem ingenieurwissenschaftlichem Know-How entwickelt Bionic Production sowohl innovative und effiziente Produkte als auch neue Geschäftsmodelle und Lösungen.
Additive Mentoring

Together with you, we open up the advantages and potentials of Additive Manufacturing. We use our comprehensive technology and process competence to support you with developing and successfully introducing your strategy.

Part Screening zur Bauteilidentifizierung für den 3D-Druck Ihrer Komponenten
Part Screening

We use a systematic analysis of your components to create the basis for innovative and efficient products. Our experts review your portfolio and supply you with a well-founded evaluation as to which parts are suitable for 3D printing.

Bionic Production fertigt Ihre Einzelbauteile, Prototypen und funktionalen Baugruppensysteme ab Losgröße 1 im industriellen 3D-Druck
Individual and Prototype Production

We develop and manufacture individual components and prototypes for you, including functional assembly systems from batch size 1. We make use of the various technical and economic potentials of 3D printing and guarantee high production quality with maximum cost efficiency.

Bionic Production bietet Ihnen die additive Fertigung und Konstruktion Ihrer Bauteile und Komponenten in Lüneburg
Serial Production

We take your components into additive serial production! Our longstanding experience in the 3D printing industry provides us with substantial know-how along the entire additive process chain. We support you in every step, from component identification, component design and qualification of the manufacturing process to serial production or production on demand.

Mit der 3D-Druck Ersatzteilproduktion von Bionic Production sind Bauteile innerhalb kürzester Zeit verfügbar.
Spare Parts Production

Reduce your storage, logistics and downtime costs with optimized spare parts procurement. Additive Manufacturing can be used to produce critical components at short notice and on demand, from batch size 1. For improved spare parts logistics, we can draw up customized strategies and processes for you.

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