Production-ready design

Efficient and functional components with production-ready design

Any material (plastic, metal, etc.) and manufacturing process (SLM, SLS, EBM, WAAM, SLA, etc.) results in specific requirements for component design. To achieve the best possible results with respect to costs and quality, we specifically optimize your component as part of a manufacturing-based design process to meet these requirements. Our engineering team is well acquainted with the requirements of industrial 3D printing and can support you, for example, with correct alignment and positioning of the component and with the optimum design of the support structures for reducing internal stress and distortion in the component.

Our services

  • Engineering of the optimal support structures, e.g. self-supporting brackets, overhangs, angles or channels
  • Review and, if necessary, adjustment of the wall thickness
  • Elimination of residual stresses and distortions

Our approach

  • Part analysis
  • Parameter setting
    Definition of the requirements regarding the material and 3D printing technology
  • Part orientation
    Establishment of the best component orientation
  • Support design
    Use of individual support strategies for the optimal position of the support structures on your component
  • Part positioning on the building platform
    Optimal arrangement of the part(s), if several components are manufactured in one printing process (e.g. in industrial serial 3D printing)
  • Slicing and hatching
    Dismantling of the component into layers and filling of the cross-sectional areas with exposure vectors
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Post-processing

Advantages of 3D printing for your added value

Increased profitability

Efficiency for functions and resources

Time and cost efficiency

Maximum component integration

Certified quality

Use cases

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