Part Screening

Your entry into innovative future products

Do you want to find out which products are suitable for industrial 3D printing? A systematic, digitally based analysis allows you to create the basis for cost-optimized added value. We scan your portfolio and assess which components can be manufactured with additive processes. In a second step – Additive Engineering – the identified components can be optimized for the printing process, which saves time and can additionally increase component performance. Subsequently, your components will be available in a product catalog for “order on demand” with a simple click.

Our services

  • Comprehensive component analysis and component identification
  • Screening-App for a consistent digital acquisition and reduced evalutation period
  • Potential assessment of Additive Manufacturing based on technical and economic benefits
  • Total cost comparison of different Additive Manufacturing processes vs. conventional manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing Design
  • Preparation of a product catalogue as the basis for the design and 3D printing of the components
  • Building sustainable skills in your team

Our approach

Choose the option that suits you best from our Part-Screening-packages and get started with Additive Manufacturing!

MeasurePerformance packagePlus packagePremium package
Full screening report
Cost calculation and business case
For the selected components, we identify the cost and technology potential as well as the economic efficiency of the manufacturing process
First Additive Manufacturing Design
First component optimization for 3D printing
Additive Manufacturing Design and optimization
Manufacturing-based design and component optimization
3D printing evaluation
Our AM experts evaluate the component design with respect to weight reduction and cost efficiency
Component screening
Comprehensive evaluation of the identified components by a component expert
3D printing screening
Detailed evaluation of the components based on manufacturing aspects by an AM expert
Screening App
Continuous digital acquisition of the evaluation process and the component data
Continuous identification of applications
Continuous portfolio review within the screening process

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Success story

Part Screening and potential assessment in maintenance

We have already successfully identified components for the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG and introduced an “order on demand” process. Find out more about this successful project here

Advantages of 3D printing for your added value

Increased profitability

Efficiency for functions and resources

Time and cost efficiency

Maximum component integration

Certified quality

Use cases

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