Additive Engineering

Innovative products with bionic 3D printing

Additive Manufacturing starts in our heads! If you want to utilize the 3D printing potentials of lightweight construction, product performance and function integration, you have to “think additive” right from the start. We use disruptive approaches to implement application-optimized components for you. We open up these potentials for you so you can achieve added value for your customers with innovative and powerful products. We make use of nature’s power of innovation and ensure sustainable and future-proof added value.

Reduce the limitations in component design with Additive Manufacturing!

Our engineering services
Bionic Engineering Additive Fertigung
Bionic Engineering

Designing Change: We combine the advantages of Additive Manufacturing with nature’s power of innovation and develop functional and efficient components for you. The design freedom in 3D printing makes it possible to implement biologically inspired structures. This offers enormous innovation potential in design engineering, which we explore for you. This can be used as a basis for establishing new business models and transforming value chains in the long term.

Für den 3D-Druck optimierter Bugatti Bremssattel von Bionic Production
Production-ready Design

Additive technologies, e.g. Selective Laser Melting, Selective Laser Sintering, Binder Jetting or Stereolithography have special process characteristics which have to be taken into account when designing components for the respective processes. At the same time, additive processes and the associated design freedom offer enormous technical optimization potentials which conventional processes cannot implement. So you can benefit from the functional and economic advantages of 3D printing, we provide support for the production-oriented design of your components.

Im Reverse Engineering erstellen die Ingenieure von Bionic Production eine digitale Bauteildatei, die additiv gefertigt werden kann
Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing a component using industrial 3D printing requires a digital 3D model based on CAD data. If a computer model or design data do not or no longer exist, our engineers can reconstruct the data based on the physical component.

Für den 3D-Druck optimierter Bugatti Bremssattel von Bionic Production
Topology Optimization

Make your components lighter to lower your costs! As part of the topology optimization, our engineers remove material wherever it is not required. The result: substantial weight savings and resource efficiency with Additive Manufacturing. Functionality and quality remain unchanged or are even increased.

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