Tool and Mold Making

The innovation potential in 3D printing is shifting the boundaries in the tool and mold making industry. Innovative components can be manufactured in top quality. With conventional processes, the manufacturing of tools and molds is expensive, time consuming and technically complex. With additive methods, components can be manufactured in a single process, which improves the production process and increases cost and time efficiency. In addition, designs which are not possible with conventional processes can be implemented, such as mold inserts with flow channels in injection molding.

Advantages & potentials for 3D printing in tool and mold making

  • Customized tools with no geometric limitations and attention to detail
  • Function integration for innovative products, e.g. implementing bionic structures, conformal cooling
  • Fast production of components that can resist high mechanical stress

Our services

  • Additive Engineering using, for example, bionic design, topology optimization and flow optimization
  • Additive Manufacturing: 3D printing of your components
Use cases

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