Maritime Industry

Additive Manufacturing in the Maritime Sector

3D printing allows cost-efficient, reliable on-site manufacturing of components on demand – including in industrialized countries – so that downtime can be reduced. This will result in positive changes to the worldwide transport and logistics chains in the long term. Ports and shipping companies can make use of the potentials of 3D printing to develop new operational strategies and business models or even to set up their own 3D printing center.

Advantages & potentials for 3D printing in the maritime industry

  • Exponentially reduced delivery times and logistics cost through decentralized and demand-driven production
  • Reduced warehousing costs thanks to a more efficient and sustainable “make-to-order” strategy
  • Reduced risk of downtime caused by supply bottlenecks with a faster production in proximity to the customer

Our process

  • Preparation
    • Knowledge transfer
    • Idea generation and evaluation
    • Market analysis and business model concept development
  • Assessment
    • Part Screening
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Design & optimization
    • Calculation & business case
  • Implementation
    • Introduction strategey including make-or-buy-analysis
    • Technology and supplier selection
    • Testing, approval and quality assurance
  • Improvement
    • Performance check (benchmark)
    • Market and technology monitoring
    • Business model configuration
Download the industry fact sheets from Bionic Production for industrial 3D printing

Use cases

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