3D printing in the Automotive Industry

Additive Manufacturing with plastic, metal and ceramics has established itself in the automotive industry and is no longer used just for prototypes, but has become suitable for serial production thanks to bionic 3D printing. The advantages and potentials of 3D printing for car manufacturers are obvious: weight savings, function integration and high-quality components. And not only premium components, spare parts for classic cars or prototypes can be printed – opportunities for car manufacturers also lie in mass individualization and production maturity. With a 40 percent weight reduction, the BUGATTI brake caliper impressively demonstrates the opportunities for 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Advantages & potentials for 3D printing in the automotive industry

  • Weight reduction of components with the objective of resource-efficient and climate-neutral mobility
  • Shorter production and delivery times
  • Reduced risk of downtimes caused by supply bottlenecks thanks to faster production close to the customer
  • Shorter go-to-market strategies
  • Cost reduction and time savings in prototyping

Our services / our process

  • Part Screening and analysis of potentials
  • Additive Engineering and lightweight construction using bionic design and topology optimization
  • Performance and efficiency increase for your components by utilizing technical and economic advantages
  • Additive Manufacturing: 3D printing of your components
Use cases

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