Mit dem automatisierten Part Screening von Bionic Production identifizieren Sie Potentiale und Strategien für den industriellen 3D-Druck

Your individual spare part solution

Digitally supported and largely automated Part Screening

In maintenance of technical equipment, conventional spare parts management is subject to numerous challenges. Thus, it is aimed to provide the right spare part at the right time at the right place with right conditions and with minimum stock levels.

Additive Manufacturing can offer numerous solutions in this context, due to its potential to significantly reduce delivery times and logistics cost. This is realized through on-demand and decentralized production strategies or the reduction of warehouse cost by moving from a “make-to-stock” to a more efficient and sustainable “make-to-order” approach.

Together with you, we uncover and raise the economic potential for improvement within your application. Therefore, we have developed a procedure for digitally supported and widely automated Part Screening.

Our digitally supported Part Screening has already been utilized in multiple applications in part with more than 10,000 stock items.

If you also want to go the path towards your spare parts solution, contact us!

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