Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

For large, high-quality components

In contrast to a powder-bed process, Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing melts a metal wire with an electric arc. The respective component is built up on a base plate layer by layer and then usually machined directly with CNC milling.

Also known as: Directed Energy Deposition Arc, Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing

Process advantages

  • High build-up rate
  • Non-porous layer build-up
  • Material savings through targeted material application
  • Large components possible
  • Multi-material components possible


  • High-quality blanks for milling post-processing
  • Spare parts
  • Component repair

Available materials

  • Nearly all weldable wires, e.g. steel, aluminium, aluminium-copper, NI-based, NE-metals, titanium alloys
  • Multi-material appliccation possible

Downstream processes

  • Machining / CNC-milling
  • Polishing
  • Blasting

Advantages of 3D printing for your added value

Increased profitability

Efficiency for functions and resources

Time and cost efficiency

Maximum component integration

Certified quality

Use cases

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