Bionic Production AG with „Bionic Smart Factory“ in Lüneburg: Innovation and Manufacturing at the New 3D-Printing Campus – as of 2018

Hamburg – November 2, 2017 – Bionic Production AG will move to a new location at the former Leuphana Campus Volgershall in Lüneburg early 2018. The company already presented its plans for „Bionic Smart Factory“ (BSF), a new manufacturing concept for complex 3D-printing, at the end of September. The major purpose of BSF is the economical production and design of components inspired by nature.


„Additive manufacturing methods gain importance in the industry, as new and more individualized products have the be produced more efficiently, with less material and in even lesser time. Additive manufacturing, digital business models, and Industry 4.0 offer additional potential to save costs,” said Wolfgang Bülow, CEO at Bionic Production AG. „With the Bionic Smart Factory we have created a factory structure that enables design inspired by nature and hence, offers tremendous cost savings. As a combination of additive manufacturing, bionic optimization, and digitalization along the process chain our factory enables new approaches for an economical production of individualized products.“


Bionic Smart Factory is a highly efficient production site for digital production and manufacturing, equipped with 3D printers for various materials and systems for post production steps. At its final stage of expansion the BSF will have around 20 3D-printers at its site in Lüneburg. The facility will not only be a production site, integrating additive manufacturing into the entire development, manufacturing and logistics chains, it will also be the base for innovative research and development projects, which will be conducted jointly with Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH.


Designed as a Campus, BSF offers future engineers the opportunity to work on and research innovative concepts jointly with developers and researchers. Being also a research center Bionic Smart Factory is open to cooperations. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, being the first of many renowned organizations, has already confirmed their participation in the project. The 3D-Campus also welcomes innovative start-ups that focus on 3D-printing and the development of the technology, to establish their offices at the BSF.


By offering new professional perspectives to highly qualified engineers in the Lüneburg region, this so far first non-university research facility will strengthen the location and foster the economical development of the region. Initially, about 30 staff members will start working at the 3D-Campus as of the beginning of next year. For the future the company plans an extension of the facility to up to 100 employees.


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